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Deep-dive expert analysis tailored to your needs.

Enerdata’s consulting team provides clients with granular and exclusive insight to tailored analysis, in order to address the most pressing business and strategic issues in a competitive way.  We rely on desk research from our experts leveraging our internal tools, as well as on a field approach through our network of partner consultants in developed and developing countries throughout the world.


Enerdata provides expertise and proprietary tools to contribute to research programs that cover:

  • Long-term energy forecasts including - but not limited to - future fossil resource assessment, role of new energy carriers (i.e. hydrogen) and greenhouse gas emissions
  • New technology development & assessment
  • Dematerialised societies prospectives
  • Long-term climate change mitigation evaluation
  • Development of decentralised energies at the local level
  • Energy-related risk analysis

Typical Assignments

The Enerdata Energy Consulting team’s vision and mission is to leverage all our in-house databases, researches, global forecasting models and expertise to advise governments and private companies on strategic issues related to the energy world. Typical assignments include:

  • The Enerdata Energy Retainer Service – tailored for senior executives involved in setting global corporate energy strategies that relate to energy policy, political, economic and environmental factors within any given region. This advisory platform helps executives make faster, more informed decisions by providing access to relevant information, research, data and advice via dedicated help desks, periodic site meeting discussions and a relevant series of reports, forecasts and databases.
  • Feasibility Studies – analysing the supply & demand evolution of international energy markets to define the price outlook for different energies. Enerdata’s consulting team advise on CAPEX and OPEX for power plants, LNG terminals, LNG regasification terminals and transmission lines that can be integrated into financial models to make sound valuations and financial assessments.
  • M&A, Company Valuation and Due Diligence - supporting investors and companies in evaluating the real value of assets for acquisition, merger or fund-raising. Enerdata’s independent recommendations are supported by in-depth coverage of market size & outlook, competition analysis, technical comparison with existing products, partners or potential target company buyers.
  • New Market Entry - assessing and identifying possible risks and rewards of entering new markets. Enerdata always supports its independent recommendations with in-depth market definition and primary research to collect confidential information. The new market entry business strategy includes the assessment of existing barriers such as policy regulations, pricing, competitors and technical assessment. 
  • Marketing & Business Development Consulting Service – helping companies to develop business within new markets. Enerdata is often hired by companies that want to expand their business worldwide. Enerdata Asia, based in Singapore is Enerdata’s arm for Asian markets. Enerdata’s global success is derived from a mixture of knowledge and direct access to local partners' networks.


Research program references:
  • IDEES: Impact of Decentralised Energies development on the Energy System
  • ADVANCE: advanced model development and validation for the improved analysis of costs and impacts of mitigation policies
  • WETO-H2: future global energy systems evaluation and prospects for hydrogen potential market penetration of hydrogen
Consulting references:
  • Market Analysis for EC DG Ener: Enerdata performed a market analysis with 3 project partners on energy prices in EU and G20 countries, including energy costs in industry and hourly power generation and prices, including power technologies’ profitability.

      The project was done with three tasks, Enerdata was task lead on the first and third:

  1. Analysis of energy prices to update the energy price database of the customer, with a breakdown per type of consumer.
  2. Analysis of energy costs for industry to gather and assess the energy costs for industry of more than 30 sectors, and to assess the impact of energy costs in industries’ competitiveness.
  3. Power technologies profitability and hourly data collection to assess the impact of hourly power generation and price variations on power technologies.
  • Ad hoc Study for a globally recognised development bank: Enerdata undertook an assessment of power generation assets in African countries to assess possible options for enhanced cost management of infrastructure projects across the electricity supply chain. A cost reference database was created on:
    • Generating assets [hydro, coal (ST), gas (GT, CC, ST + Engines), liquids (ST+Engines), wind, solar PV+CSP]
    • Electrical transmission
    • Electrical distribution


As a result of the engagement, the client was able to gain a holistic view of its assets and make informed strategic decisions related to cost management.

  • Market Study and Entry Market Strategy for a Singapore based Clean Tech Company. The market study included the analysis of 11 countries in Asia, the assessment of the existing barriers such as policy regulations, pricing, competitors and technical assessment. Most of the information collected by Enerdata was gathered through primary research based on direct interviews with main market players and field experts. As part of the project, Enerdata designed the framework for the market entry strategy.
  • Feasibility Study for a Philippines mining company. The mining company wanted to assess the best long-term strategy for supplying power to the mine. Enerdata assessed three major solutions namely, power grid purchase, in-situ diesel power generation and an in-situ small scale LNG solution. The in-situ small scale LNG solution was preferred and Enerdata is currently supporting the client in the further step to finalise the long-term LNG supply contract details including index pricing formulae.

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