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Efficacité énergétique et analyse de la demande

Understanding key consumption trends and drivers across sectors.

Enerdata is recognised as one of the leading companies in energy efficiency and demand analysis worldwide. Our team of international experts/consultants leverage exclusive data to provide the best possible picture of energy consumption evolution and energy efficiency progress across end-uses, sectors and sub-sectors, as well as the underlying drivers.


Whether for policy evaluation or business planning, Enerdata provides the unique insight required to make the right decisions.

  • Demand analysis for end-uses and industrial branches:
    • Industry: primary materials, non-metallic materials, paper & printing, food & beverages, textiles, machinery & fabricated metals, wood, mining, construction
    • Residential: space heating, water heating, cooking, electrical appliances
    • Transport: transport modes (road, rail water, air) and transport types (car, bus, trucks and light vehicles, heavy vehicles and two wheels)
    • Services: hotels, restaurants, health, education, administration, wholesale & retail trade, private offices, agriculture
  • Driver analysis:
    • Industry: energy consumption by branch, production indexed by branch, value added by branch, physical production of intensive products
    • Residential: stock of dwellings, new dwellings, floor area of dwellings, stock and new appliances
    • Transport: energy consumption by fuel and mode, stock of vehicles by fuel, traffic by mode, annual distance travelled by type of vehicle
    • Services: added value, floor area, employment, energy consumption

Enerdata can adapt and tackle the client’s needs by using its extensive in-house modelling capabilities and vast network of experts to deliver independent insights that provide the basis for strategic decision making.


Energy efficiency evaluation in Mexico for ADEME


For Ademe: Development of a system of monitoring energy efficiency in India for BEE, Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The project helps BEE in the collection and organisation of data necessary for the calculation of energy efficiency indicators in all end-use sectors and in the communication of the results observed. This project is part of the bilateral cooperation between ADEME and BEE.

Energy Demand Study for an oil and gas supermajor: Enerdata’s task was to support the client in understanding the electricity consumption trends in Europe and its drivers, in order to assess the evolution of the electricity market share. Special attention was paid to detail the impact of the identified drivers, including energy efficiency, economic climate and energy substitution. Analyses were carried out at both EU and country level (for the five largest EU countries i.e. Germany, France, Italy, Spain and UK). It included analyses of historical data (based on Odyssee database) and prospective views (based on CEDF  -  country energy demand forecast - scenarios).

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