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Production d’électricité et énergies renouvelables

Expertise in strategic and business intelligence, with fine-tuning to the market’s specificities.

Enerdata helps you capture market intelligence to anticipate constant shifts in policies, technologies and competition. In addition, our experts bring you the keys to understand the current and future gap between capacities and demand and the resulting business pools in all regions and countries. From regulatory to competitive analysis, from LCOE to efficiency, electricity wholesale and final price forecast or feasibility assessments, Enerdata offers a unique 360° view to integrated companies, operators, EPCs and investors.


  • Market intelligence

Leveraging hundreds of global and local sources: a large team of senior analysts is involved for desk research and cooperates with a global network of partner consultants who can conduct local field research.

  • Power mix forecast

Enerdata applies a modelling/’what if’ approach leveraging our globally recognised POLES model for long time horizons. This results in an exclusive and solid outlook of power mix and fuels market share evolution, with a particular insight dedicated to renewables.

  • Build margin

Combining a high level view with our proven demand forecasting expertise, we advise our clients on where to find the best potential to develop or invest in power generation projects.

  • Benchmark/performance comparison

Through its thorough power generation assets monitoring, Enerdata provides you with an exclusive and comprehensive insight into power assets’ performance both at country and plant level (production, load factor, efficiency). This enables you to benchmark your performance with your competitors and the industry.

  • Viability assessment

By combining our expertise, in-house tools with a local-rooted insight from our partners all over the world, we help you determine whether a project/investment makes sense both from an energy or financial and legal point of view, (R.O.I analysis as well as the associated regulatory, policy, climate and financial risks).


Study on energy prices and costs for the European Commission


  • For a globally recognised Development Bank: Enerdata undertook a multi-geography analysis of power generation assets in order to assess possible options for enhancing cost management of infrastructure projects across the electricity supply chain. A cost reference database was created on:
    • Generating assets [hydro, coal (ST), gas (GT, CC, ST + Engines), liquids (ST+Engines), wind, solar PV+CSP])
    • Electrical transmission
    • Electrical distribution

As a result of the engagement, the client was able to gain a holistic view of its assets and make informed strategic decisions related to cost management.

  • For an international leading Electricity Equipment Company: Enerdata undertook an evaluation of the European power generation, transmission and distribution market:
    • Value chain and market structure analysis
    • Competitive analysis: players, capacities, km of lines, investments, market shares
    • Advisory: business opportunities and SWOT analysis

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